5-To answer the question 1-4

5-To answer the question 1-4 - power by prove playing...

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To answer the question 1: a) b) c) d) During the last past 50 years, leadership scholars have conducted more than 1,000 studies in attempt to find the definitive styles, characteristics or personality traits of leaders. But none of these studies has produced a clear profile of the idea leader yet. As a result, the definitions of leadership differ from one writer to another. My experience as a football team leader, it is important to develop power oneself and influencing other people whenever it could be done. Particularly, developing
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Unformatted text preview: power by prove playing football, management skills and influence coaching way of who have higher-level, direct the followers to play what was said. Direct influence coach, following players and indirect influence fans, viewers are the most important elements for empowerment oneself. The relative definition of leadership and the way I choose to define it depend on the situation at the time. Leadership is the process of develop power oneself and then influencing others in various ways....
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