8-To answer the question 2-2

8-To answer the question 2-2 - business opportunities...

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To answer the question 2: a) b) c) The journey to authentic leadership begins with understanding the story of my life. My life story provides context for my experiences, and through it, I can find the inspiration to make an impact in the works. People tend to perceive that someone is a leader when he or she exhibits traits associated with intelligence, masculinity, and dominance. People want their leaders to be credible, credible leaders are honest, forward-looking, inspiring, and competent. The actions that I do in the description of my characteristics, skills associated with motivation to become effective leader from perfective of myself and the people who direct report to me are the performance of my task successfully and attaint organizational goals. My tasks are manage to resolve internal and external conflicts, overcome with the budget and human resource constraints, cope with demanding from various departments, staffs and customers, and recognize
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Unformatted text preview: business opportunities. Company’s goals are increase in sales, high profit margin consequently good ROI, ROA, market share, productivity and healthy employees. These measures of how well my work is organized to allocate and utilize personnel and resources, also how my staffs committed to perform their works with most confident on tasks can be accomplished successfully. More importantly, as a leader of organization I have responsibilities in designing an appropriate organization structure, setup organizational strategies, determine authority relationship, and coordinating operations across the organization, gaining support and cooperation from outsiders. With concerning a comprehensive description of emphasize both leader and followers still dealing with these evaluating questions of an effective leader liked me....
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8-To answer the question 2-2 - business opportunities...

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