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10-To answer the question 3 - strong learning culture and...

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To answer the question 3: As mentioned in the previous question, in order to perform my task successfully and attaint organizational goals, I always self-managed all my works it is self-awareness. Myself-works involved most of strategies for self-management such as behavioral strategies and cognitive strategies. For leadership development is requires to integrate career counseling, staffing decisions, performance appraisal, and succession planning to create and sustain favorable conditions for leadership development. A leadership competencies are acquired and use need to develop activities such as training, experiential learning, self-learning, also need many facilitating conditions like boss support, learning environment. Both training and development will be more effective when coordinated with each other, supported by
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Unformatted text preview: strong learning culture, and integrated with other human resource activities. My skills and best practices for improving leader effectiveness are as following:-Intensely listen to what others have to say and determine the true cause of performance problems. -Examine is think through problems from all perspectives. Never play favorites and find solutions that benefit everyone involved. -Assist to help others to learn from their mistakes and errors.-Explain the rationale for decisions and implement fair policies and procedures.-Encourage by provide employees with the resources needed to do a job. Most of the times gently push people to advance into more demanding roles.-Praise people for their good work, and focus on the positive whenever possible....
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