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BalanceSheet_RatiosWorkingCap1 - Other assets Other...

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[Company Name] Balance Sheet  [Date] Current ratio 3.38 Cash ratio 0.24 Quick ratio 2.91 Working capital $3,761 Assets Liabilities Current assets Current liabilities Cash and cash equivalents  373  Loans payable and current portion long-term debt  38  Short-term investments  1,517  Accounts payable and accrued expenses  1,205  Accounts receivable  1,918  Income taxes payable  327  Inventories  743  Accrued retirement and profit-sharing contributions  10  Deferred income taxes  445  Prepaid expenses and other current assets  345  Total current assets  $5,341  Total current liabilities  $1,580 
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Unformatted text preview: Other assets Other liabilities Property, plant, and equipment at cost 10,963 Long-term debt 2,345 Less accumulated depreciation (3,098) Accrued retirement costs 1,211 Property, plant, and equipment (net) 6,495 Deferred income taxes 485 Long-term cash investments 472 Deferred credits and other liabilities 331 Equity investments 1,972 Deferred income taxes 437 Other assets 634 Total other assets $17,875 Total other liabilities $4,372 Total assets $23,216 Total liabilities $5,952...
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