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Lewis University – A Catholic and Lasallian University Quantitative Methods of Business 59-504-T Syllabus and Course Outline Online Campus – Summer 2010 (6/1/10 to 7/26/10) Course Title: Quantitative Methods of Business 59-504-T Instructor: Aslam (Sam) Shahid Cell and Voice: 773-307-4508 Email: NOTE : For a prompt response, please contact me via For an immediate response, please contact me direct via 773-307-4508. I will post announcements via Bb Announcements, Bb Messages and Bb Email. We MUST communicate to be successful in e-learning course. Required Text: Quantitative Methods for Business 11th Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0-324-65181-2 Required Software: Microsoft Office 2007 (NOTE: Get FREE 60 DAY TRIAL, see Bb Content.) Course Objective: The basic mission of this course is to “provide the student with a sound conceptual understanding of the role that management science lays in the decision making process”. The quantitative methods, which are introduced, are valuable tools, which will aid in decision- making. We will discuss when to use various methods and apply them to situations the student will study and relate to their real-life or work experience. The objective will be to cause students to recognize the important issues in a decision, develop models, which accurately represent the perceived problem, determine the most effective modeling technique to apply, and implement the solution to reach the best decision. “Management Scientist” will be utilized and emphasized to facilitate such modeling and decision-making. Course Description: 59-504 Quantitative Methods for Business (3) This course is a survey of quantitative methods as they apply to the problems of business management, marketing, finance and economics. This course involves study and analysis of numerous methods such as linear programming, forecasting, queuing models, inventory analysis and project planning and control methods. Students are also introduced to probability and statistical concepts, measurements of central tendency and regression and correlation analysis. Equivalent: Three semester hours of Business Statistics and three semester hours of Quantitative
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2010 for the course MBA 11111 taught by Professor Spike during the Fall '10 term at Lewis University .

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Shahid - QMB - SU10 - Copy - Lewis University A Catholic...

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