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Social stratification - Social stratification o o 4...

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Social stratification o 4 principles o Social mobility 1. The Caste System a. India- The Hindu Caste System b. Human potential wasted because of lack of room for movement, but it has the advantage of being orderly. Everyone knows what is expected of them without question i. Brahmin (Priest) ii. Kshatriya (Warrior) iii. Vaishya (Merchants) iv. Sudra (Farmers) v. Harijan/Dalit (Untouchables; are outside the system) c. Caste and Agarian Life i. 2. The Class System a. People can move up and down depending on education and choices. b. Meritocracy i. is a system of a government or other organization wherein appointments are made and responsibilities assigned to individuals based upon demonstrated talent and ability
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c. Status Consistency i. Respect and wealth vary within each tier 3. Caste of Classes a. Aristocratic England 1. 3 other states a. Clergy – nobility – commoners b. High class/nobles didn’t work; instead fought, appreciated art& music, and the culture c.
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