Gender Stratification - Gender Stratification Global...

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Gender Stratification Global Perspective o Kibbutz Consider gender irrelevant Gender equality is a stated goal o Mead’s Research Gender roles vary across cultures Biased research o Murdock’s Research Researched over 200 people in pre-industrialized societies Found in most societies people divide tasks between men and women but are not always equal In general: Hunting – men; Cooking – women Patriarchy o Males dominate females o Found almost everywhere in the world Matriarchy o The Musuo of China Women control most property, select their own husbands, make the decisions o Females dominate the males
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o Rare and mostly described in mythology, and why patriarchy is better Sexism o Belief that one sex is inherently superior to another o Certain habits generally “feminine” or “masculine” Women going to their doctor’s sooner than men o In pre-industrialized societies, women have little control over their pregnancies, men have the control over more o Women do not generally view themselves as less than men, regardless of men’s opinion Gender Roles o Attitudes a society gives to men and women
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Gender Stratification - Gender Stratification Global...

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