Race and Ethnicity - Race and Ethnicity Race constructed...

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Unformatted text preview: Race and Ethnicity Race constructed from biological traits Became a category when scientists were trying to fit people into categories Racial types Caucasoid Negroid Mongoloid These are now disqualified as valid, there are no pure races anymore and it is considered racist not to allow for the specification of a single race or multiple races Most people are multi-racial Ethnicity constructed from cultural traits situational ethnicity Sometimes best to hide, sometimes best to show Minority Category of people distinguished by physical or cultural differences that cause them to set apart from the majority. Minorities make up the majority in 4 states (California, Texas, Hawaii, New Mexico) By 2050 minorities are likely to form a majority Race and/or ethnicity imposes an identity. Society imposes an identity on the minorities with lower income, prejudice, etc., Not always true, but those successes dont allow people to escape their race or ethnicity Prejudice (attitude) A rigid and unfair generalization about an entire category of people. All people are described as the same based on little or no fact. Notions applied to whole group...
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Race and Ethnicity - Race and Ethnicity Race constructed...

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