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Revised Calendar for SOCL 201 - Monday March 8 th Economics...

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Calendar for SOCL 201 Except for changes that substantially affect implementation of the evaluation (grading) statement this syllabus is a guide for the course and is subject to change with advance notice. Readings Society: the Basics 10 th edition by Macionis = (M) Classic Readings in Sociology 4 th edition by Howard = (H) Topic Introduction to the course, (M) Ch. 1, (H) Ch. 1, 2 & 5 Culture (M) Ch. 2, (H) Ch 4 Socialization (M) Ch. 3, (H) Ch 6 Social Interaction (M) Ch. 4, (H) Ch. 7 Groups and Organizations (M) Ch. 5 Film/Documentary Exam # 1 TBA* Deviance (M) Ch. 7, (H) Ch. 9 & 8 Social Stratification (M) Ch. 8, (H) Ch. 10 Global Stratification (M) Ch. 9 Gender Stratification (M) Ch. 10, (H) Ch. 12 Race and Ethnicity (M) Ch. 11, (H) Ch. 11 Film/Documentary Exam # 2 Tentative Date:
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Unformatted text preview: Monday March 8 th Economics and Politics (M) Ch.12, (H) Ch. 13 Family and Religion (M) Ch. 13, (H) Ch. 15 Education, Health and Medicine (M) Ch. 14, (H) Ch. 14 Population, Urbanization and Environment (M) Ch. 15 Social Change (M) Ch. 16 Film/Documentary Paper deadline: Papers must be turned in on the Study Day ( Tuesday, April 27 th ) at my office (KIN 318) no later than 5 PM. Papers turned in after 5 PM will be considered late (see below LATE PAPER POLICY). Final exam: Saturday May 1 st at 11:30 AM. * In the event of campus closure on the day of a midterm, the exam will take place on the next regularly scheduled class meeting. For information on campus closing and/or delays, call Winthrop’s alert line at (803) 323-2222....
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