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Urbanization - and the complementarities between people...

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Urbanization – concentration of humanity into cities Transforms many patterns of social life Tonnies: Gemeinschaft – community; people are bound closely by kinship and tradition Gesellschaft – weak ties to others; self interests Durkheim Uranized people are organized differently, and their ties are not as Tonnies claims. Mechanical solidarity – urban life – organization of life in rural areas Organic solidarity - interdependence that arises from specialization of work
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Unformatted text preview: and the complementarities between people Simmel The Blasé Urbanite Micro level analysis – blasé attitude in urbanized cities; no one cares The Chicago School Robert Park and (early 1900s) City to be an organized mosaic of distinctive ethnic backgrounds; living organism Louis Wirth – theory of life based on this; large city makes human relationships superficial and transitional Ecology Ecosystem...
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