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Seth Payne Writing 100 (J) Research Paper Assignment December 3, 2008 Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, is the sophomore album by the Chicago rapper, Lupe Fiasco. It’s a concept album that has three characters called The Cool, The Streets, and The Game. These characters are personifications of the social ills that black culture has become associated with. Lupe elaborates briefly on what these three personas mean to him in an Entertainment Weekly interview, ''For me, personally, it represents three negative influences that surround Lupe Fiasco: The want and the need to be Cool, the attraction of The Streets, and the evils of The Game itself (Vozick-Levinson, pars.2). In this album Lupe gives you an idea of how difficult it is to live with so much negative influences around you, and the way he does this is by personifying these
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Unformatted text preview: negative influences. Lupe relates to Douglass in the way he wants his audience to receive his message. Douglass wanted white people to see the brutality that happened during slavery and so he wrote his own accounts of slavery in his narrative. Even though he risked being captured and sold back into slavery he realized that slavery needed to be addressed immediately. The narrative had a great effect, in the beginning of his narrative, a white abolitionist comments on the narrative and explains the wrongdoings of what the south has been doing. Lupe and Douglass give an insight into the negative aspects of their societies and the issues that need to be addressed....
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