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Seth Payne Dr. Fischler Intro to Comparative Political Science April 14, 2010 Section 1-Reform The comparison between the two chapters I chose was: how government institutions failed in taking the proper preemptive steps to reformation of its policies regarding sexual abuse against women and third party intervention. In Chapter 5 of Gottschalk we learn about the history of the anti-rape movements that took place in the United States and Great Britain. The anti-rape movement’s goal was the reformation of the criminal justice system concerning issues with female inmates and females who were sexual abuse victims. Some of the issues they reviewed were: restructuring rape laws to make it easier to convict men and domestic violence. In Chapter 11 of Besteman it talks about genocidal rape and why it should be considered a war crime. Throughout the chapter there are countless examples of systematic rape that has taken place over the years during time of war in several occasions. It ranges from the Bosnian-Serbian conflict, involving genocidal rape of female Muslim Bosnians by the Serbians to the Japanese orchestrating mass forced prostitution. The lack of efficiency by the United States government and Great Britain involving addressing sexual abuse laws resulted in the female population developing third party groups that would impose their opinion on the public. An example is in 1879 Lucy Stone, a feminists, introduced a bill to the Massachusetts legislature (119). In the bill it wanted assaulted wives to have “the right to apply for legal separation, financial
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support, and the award of child custody” (119). The bill didn’t pass twice ultimately stalling the entire goal of Stone. This was the beginning of the women’s rights movement that would grow exponentially over the next decades. The non-responsive nature of the U.S. legislation was the fuel that resulted in the suffrage movements. This problem was also evident in Great Britain as well as stated in this excerpt: “Their final report documented the brutal abuse women were subjected to and the inadequacy of existing laws to protect them” (Gottschalk, 120). The British had done its own internal inquiry and this was the resulting conclusion of what the situation was with sexual abuse. These two excerpts show just how ineffective the criminal justice system was in both countries. The government failed in both cases to assess and handle the problem with the right approach. Since they failed to address domestic violence, rape crisis centers and child welfare programs started to appear in both nations (123). These facilities were there for
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comparative essay - Seth Payne Dr. Fischler Intro to...

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