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Functions - A(r is what is called function notation The...

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MAC 2233 The Basics of Functions Sections 1.1 Functions are basically formulas . A function (formula) describes a relationship between two quantities. For example: A = πr 2 is a relationship between the area of a circle, A, and its radius, r. P = 4s is a relationship between the perimeter of a square, P, and its side, s. There are many more formulas (functions) in our everyday lives. Function Notation : There are different ways we can write a function in math. For example: We can write A = πr 2 or we can write A(r) = πr 2 . What does A(r) mean?
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Unformatted text preview: A(r) is what is called function notation. The name of the function. This is what the answer represents… in this case the A is for Area. What does A(2) mean? Any time there is a quantity other than the original variable inside the ( ) it is telling us to replace the variable in the formula by the new quantity. Therefore, here we would replace the r in the formula by 2 and get an answer. A(2) = π(2) 2 So we get that A(2) = 4π This is NOT multiplication. It is a notation that means that the variable in our formula is r....
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