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Chapter 2 - 4 Now differentiate to get The only problem is...

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The chain rule is used for differentiating a function of a function We know how to differentiate x 4 , so we use the substitution u = (3x − 2) to turn the function into something that we can differentiate. This gives: y = (3x − 2) 4 Let u = 3x − 2 to give us, y = u
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Unformatted text preview: 4 , Now differentiate to get: The only problem is that we want dy/dx, not dy/du, and this is where we use the chain rule. The chain rule says that So all we need to do is to multiply dy/du by du/dx. As u = 3x − 2, du/dx = 3, so 3 = 12(3x − 2) 3...
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