Term paper final - Guns, Germs, and Steel - Marxism In his...

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Guns, Germs, and Steel - Marxism In his book Jared Dimond tries to respond the question of: Why do white people have so much cargo and we New Guineans/ have so little? He answers this question in a quest that took him over 15 years. Over his study he focuses on the fact that Eurasians people dominate the world in wealth and power. He came to the conclusion that it was because Eurasians dominated the gun power, the agriculture, and the steel. The factor for this was the advantage they had on their land. He focus on the fact that the soil were Eurasia was located was richer for agriculture and with much more advantages than other territories. The differences in wild plants and animal species available initially for domestication were better in Eurasia than in other continents. Eurasia for the most part had the vast majority of large docile pack animals, which 1
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the llama. In my opinion Jared Dimond forget to talk about the migration Europeans and Asians had along those years and the population. For me is really important to realize that going east to west from France to Japan involve a similar climate, day length, and geographical factors. In America to cross from South America to North America involve crossing desserts, jungles, mountains, etc. this barriers were more important in America at the time that they were in Europe and Asia. The fact that colonies in America could not benefit from advantages in the territories in the same continent was a key factor for the evolution of the people. Europeans and Asians manage agriculture in a place called the Fertile crescent, this place was a rich and very productive soil, but at the moment the soil stop being productive the move to different position through the same continent moving in the same line were the fertile crescent was located, conquering everything that was at their position. We have to mention also the advantages on animals they benefit from the domestication of animals that help with the labor of the agriculture but a lot of those animals came from Asia. Jared Dimond Uses the term Eurasians but the true is the Europeans benefit more from Asia than Asia from them. The objective of Asia was to create a society to develop as a community and for the Europeans they saw power in conquering territories. Europeans conquer territories using guns another key factor Jared Dimond establish on his book as an element for success but we cannot give credit to Europeans for the develop of the guns (fire guns). The Asians develop gunpowder and the fire guns, and the Europeans benefit from it. They used them to conquer other communities. In his book Jared Dimond never give credit to the Asians for this. Also a lot of the animals were from different territories but the location of the territory and the
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Term paper final - Guns, Germs, and Steel - Marxism In his...

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