SWOT ANALYSIS - Small amount of cash flow. Brand...

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SWOT ANALYSIS Strength As a new and innovating company Enlyten has a rich product line with a lot to offer to the public. A unique product in the market, with no direct competitors and sole products on the business in that presentation. Different quantity of products for different customers. Great players endorsing the brand. Enlyten has sciences that backup their product and it’s proven to excel and maintain physical performance during competition. Weaknesses New company on the market. Price might be a weakness for the introduction of the product.
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Unformatted text preview: Small amount of cash flow. Brand recognition on the country. Small develop around the world. Opportunity Increasing line of products. New company with great opportunity to growth. Sport supplements demand increase year by year in the world. Business in the professional teams. Continue endorsing players and tournaments. Threats Products replacement. Gatorade lawsuit in the US for the brand sponsorship. Current economy that might influence costumers and their ability to buy....
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SWOT ANALYSIS - Small amount of cash flow. Brand...

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