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Case Study - the company values 3 In your opinion is...

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Javar Thomas MAN3025 7/2/2010 Prof. BEYDOUN 1.) In your opinion, what actions taken by Ostertag stood the most changing General Semiconductor’s culture? When Ronald Ostertag took over the management of General Semiconductor the most effective move he made to change the culture of the company was when he replaced nearly the entire senior management team. 2.) Do you think requiring everyone in a multinational firm to carry around a card with the firm’s core values on it can change a company’s culture? Why or Why not? Requiring employees in a multinational firm to carry around a card with the firm core value on it is not necessary. He could have place posters or signs around the company with the company core values and that would have been just as effective. In addition, Ostertag could have implement employee recognition that highlighted
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Unformatted text preview: the company values. 3.) In your opinion, is Ostertag managing the cross-cultural operation effectively in the process of trying to change the firm’s culture? Explain. Ostertag effectively managed the cross-cultural in certain area. The area in which he was not effective in translating the culture change was when he had to communicate it to the employees. Ostertag only installed a sense of fear of job insecurity. 4.) Did Ostertag appear to have a global mind-set? Why or Why not? Ronald had a global mind-set, because once he took over the company. He immediately wanted to make changes that would make over the company’s multinational image. Creating a mission statement, changing the senior management team, and installing core values are steps in having a global mind set....
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