L#33 study questions nondisjunction aneuploidy DNA history structure

L#33 study questions nondisjunction aneuploidy DNA history structure

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Biology 1107 Lecture # 33 04-02-10 Todays lecture was based on material contained in chapter 15 Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance and chapter 16 Molecular Basis of Inheritance: 1. Nondisjunction 2. Aneuploidy autosomes (Down syndrome) sex chromosomes (Turners, Klinefelters, Supermale) 3. The Search for DNA 4. The Structure of DNA Study questions 1. What is nondisunction? What is the result of nondisjunction in Meiosis I? Meiosis II? How can we have a calico male cat? 2. What is the genetic make-up of a person with Down syndrome?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Describe the genetic make-up (genotype) and phenotype of a person with Turners, Klinefelters and Supermale syndromes. 4. DNA . Describe the contributions of the following people: Meischer; Griffith; Hershey and Chase; Chargaff; Watson and Crick; Franklin, Wilkins; Meselson and Stahl. 2. Describe the structure of DNA using words such as: double helix, nucleotide, purine, pyrimidine, 5’, 3’, deoxyribose, phosphate, adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine....
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