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Biology 1107 Lecture #38 April 14, 2010 Barstow Today’s lecture was a PowerPoint presentation on the life of Charles Darwin with emphasis on his life at Down house (1842-1882). There are no PowerPoint slides being placed on WebCT. Textbook assignment: Concept 1.2 The Core Theme: Evolution accounts for life’s unity and diversity ( pages 14-16) introduces you to Charles Darwin and his mechanism for evolution - Natural Selection. Chapter 22 gives the historical context of Darwin’s life and ideas and explains the evidence supporting Natural Selection and microevolution. Many of 1the principal events of Darwin's life were illustrated in the PowerPoint presentation . Year Event 1809 Darwin born at Shrewsbury (February 12, 1809) 1817 Attends the Rev. G. Case's school at Shrewsbury. Death of his mother 1818 Attends Shrewsbury School 1825 Enters Edinburgh University - age 16 1827 Admitted to Christ's College, Cambridge 1830 Lyell's Principles of Geology is published 1831 April 26, Graduates from Cambridge - age 22
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L#38%2004-114-10%20Ch22%20Darwinian%20View%20of%20Life -...

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