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Lesson 2 – Intro to Devices (Section 2-1) (CLO 2-1) Chapter 2 introduces devices. We draw a distinction between a device – something you can buy at Radio Shack, and an element – a mathematical model of a device. Devices are inherently non- linear, but in this course, elements or models are all linear. We also develop two sets of constraints: 1. Element constraints – the physical behavior of devices using their linear models, and 2. Connection constraints – the behavior of connected devices using Kirchhoff’s conservation laws. Both of these constraints must be satisfied in every circuit. This lesson will focus on element constraints the next on connection constraints. Element Constraints Suggest starting with the resistor and explain its i-v characteristics and its model – Ohm’s Law – v = I × R where R is resistance with units of ohms Ω or i = v × G where G is conductance with units of Siemens S. Conductance is a useful tool in discussing duality. This concept is easy for
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