lesson09 - Lesson 9 Mesh Current Analysis and Linearity....

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DC V S R 1 R 2 R 3 I 1 I S V 3 + _ I A I B + _ V 2 Lesson 9 – Mesh Current Analysis and Linearity. (Sections 3-2 and 3-3)(CLO 3-1 and 3-2) Students generally do not have serious problems in understanding Mesh Current analysis. You might mention that it is the dual of Node Voltage analysis. Mesh Current analysis cannot be applied to non- planar circuits and is often difficult to apply to Op-Amp circuits studied later. Node Voltage analysis does not have this limitation. Linearity is the basis of most circuits and electronic courses. Getting students aware of what constitutes linearity is important to their understanding and development as good engineers. Mesh-Current Analysis There are several areas where students might have some early difficulties with mesh current analysis. Loops versus meshes. If you were to draw a four-pane circuit and ask students how many different loops there were they might say five, but there are many more – thirteen, in all. Loops are defined in the text as “ A closed path formed by tracing through an ordered sequence of nodes without passing through any node more than once .” A mesh is a special type of loop that does not enclose any elements – although we appear to violate this rule when we discuss “super meshes”. While one can write as many KVL equations as there are loops there are only as many independent KVL equations as there are meshes. Fortunately, students can readily determine the number of meshes by counting the “window panes” in the circuit. Each “window pane” hosts its own current. Tell the students ALWAYS to draw each mesh current clockwise – this will help them recognize errors later on. Use different colored markers and claim that the electrons that travel around that mesh are so endowed with that color. Multiple currents in one branch. This brings us to the next area of early difficulty for some students.
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lesson09 - Lesson 9 Mesh Current Analysis and Linearity....

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