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10 V 100 k V OUT 150 k 50V X + _ 1 k 2.2 k + _ V X + _ I X R IN I IN V IN Lesson 13 – Dependent Sources #1 (Sections 4-1 and 4-2) (CLO 4-1) This and the next lesson are very important to the students’ understanding of electronic modeling – especially the Op-Amp section that follows. Some students do not appreciate what a dependent source is. It is important that they realize that a dependent source behaves like an independent source in every way with the exception that its “value” is not fixed but rather varies directly with a voltage or current elsewhere in the circuit – hence, it “depends” on another parameter. We also NEVER set a dependent source to zero. For example, when finding Thévenin equivalents we do not use the “look-back” method because it can give an incorrect result. Begin by telling the students that Dependent Sources are models – mathematical artifacts. They cannot be bought at Radio Shack or on the web. Rather they are useful tools for understanding the
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