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lesson26 - Lesson 26 Capacitors and Inductors I(Sections...

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Lesson 26 – Capacitors and Inductors I (Sections 6-1 and 6-2) (CLO 6-1) This is the first of two lessons on Capacitors and Inductors. The first lesson introduces the i-v characteristics of the devices and includes power and energy considerations. The second lesson discusses combining multiple devices and introduces two new operational modules, the integrator and differentiator. The discussion of inductance and capacitance sometimes frightens some students. It is not the description of the devices but rather the fact that their i-v characteristics have integrals and derivatives associated with them. They want to believe that these new devices ought to have i-v relationships like v=iR . It is useful, then, to stress the i-v relationships, focusing on the derivative relationship but not ignoring the integral one either. All of the students should have had or are taking Physics and these should not be totally new to them.
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