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Caywood Essay Prompt - English 300 Essay#1 Fall 2010 Due...

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English 300, Essay #1 Fall, 2010 Due : Wed. Oct. 6 th at the beginning of class. Late essays will be marked down 1/3 grade for each day they are late i.e. B to B-. Turning the essay in after class begins as late. Any paper received after Oct. 13 th will fail, although the assignment must still be completed if you wish to pass. Length : Minimum 5 pages, No Max Format : 12 pt. type, double-spaced, 1 inch margins. Please edit your work carefully, as papers with many errors will have lower grades. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES (such as film review, etc.). Any quotations from the Broadview Anthology should be given in-text citation. Then include a list of works cited; each text you use requires a separate citation. Topic : “We see the past through lenses that show us something of the world we are living in.” (Jordan and Carroll, Longman Anthology , 667). Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a film that offers a self- consciously modern perspective on King Arthur, the legends we associate with him, and the medieval period. It is rich with the witty, ironic tensions between the period it represents and the period that
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2010 for the course ENGL 300 taught by Professor Caywood during the Fall '10 term at University of San Diego.

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Caywood Essay Prompt - English 300 Essay#1 Fall 2010 Due...

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