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CIS 105 10509 - Web authoring:- Microsoft Expression Web...

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CIS 105 McCarthy 10509 CHAPTER 5: Applying Software for Business Productivity Commercial app: - Chances of application software not fulfilling a user’s needs are remote. Word processors: - Makes web pages – post it on an Intranet (set it behind a firewall) Spreedsheet: - “ What if” analysis Databases: - Most powerful software - Typically tables w/ info - Most important thing you can do to a database is to query it Data warehouse: - Corporate memory Presentation App Programs: - Allows for slides to be printed Sharing Info: - Share data and info – “cut and paste” (easiest) - Linking and Embedding Image Editing Softwares: - Ex. Adobe Photoshop - Computer graphics – raster + vector graphics - Adobe Photoshop – current market leader for commercial business bitmap, image, and photographic manipulation
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Unformatted text preview: Web authoring:- Microsoft Expression Web 2008 has a WYSIWYG ( what you see if what you get) interface (GUI)- INTRANET intention, viewers, content, design layout, * search engine optimization ( needed for a website if not then its garbage)-Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer ( one of the most powerful web authoring programs in the business ) allows webmasters and content managers to Create and administer web pages. Other Business App Software:-E- Mail completely public -Personal Info Manager (PIM) -ENTERPRISE resource planning (ERP) sharing database into one integrated system (most popular ones: SAP, AG, PeopleSoft, SAS systems)-Collaboration mutual learning b/w two or more people who are working together towards a common goal....
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CIS 105 10509 - Web authoring:- Microsoft Expression Web...

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