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CIS 105 91409

CIS 105 91409 - Specific – use Business App Software CH 2...

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CIS McCarthy 105 9/14/09 CH.1 : Application Software The most important thing system software does is that it enables … Ex. Windows is system software Email, word processors, spreadsheet, browser (ex. Internet explorer), network operating system, databases, presentation, software, and project management software. : Business Computing Software: The first and easiest way to share data in productivity suites is “Cut and Paste” (1) OLE: Object Linking and Embedding (2 different ways to share data) Embedding: ex. “snapshot” pasting a picture onto a word document (static) (2) Object Linking: When the source file is linked into the destination file, both files stay up to date. (Dynamic) (3) : Word Processing Software (Adobe Acrobat) Portable document files (PDF) is a platform neutral language. : Spreadsheet Software “What – if” analysis : Database Software (DBMS) The most important thing you can do to a database is query : Presentation Software PowerPoint helps makes tactical and strategically decisions onto a screen.
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Unformatted text preview: : Specific – use Business App. Software CH. 2 System Unit: Inside the Box Motherboard: main piece of a computer : Microcomputer Configurations The central processing unit: The (Intel) chip – goes right into the motherboard. The chip is measured in gigahertz Worldwide we use Unicode. ASCHII: American Standard Code for Info Interchange The new standard for electricity is 80+ standard (Know the slide of system storage – primary and secondary storage!) RAM is primary storage, RAM is volatile Firmware (the program on a CMOS chip that looks for system software that turns on the operating system (platform)) is unchangeable NO human interaction WORD is application software DRIVER – a program that runs devices like printers, Ipods, etc. : Input Devices It will translate what we type as a human into 1s and 0s (output) Remember the word translation...
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CIS 105 91409 - Specific – use Business App Software CH 2...

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