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0 Preface to DP - Preface to Dynamic Programming The...

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Preface to Dynamic Programming The approach taken herein for the development of materials on dynamic programming as a problem solving tool is based on the concept that computer solution algorithms are of great educational value for learning and solving certain mathematical programming problems. Dynamic programming by its very nature is a computationally intensive methodology and computer support systems can reduce this numerical drudgery immensely. There are, of course, various uses of computer support systems; at one end of the spectrum are the "do it all" systems where the user really doesn't need to understand the methodology or the algorithm used to solve the problem, at the other end of the spectrum the user must develop his/her own solution algorithm from scratch. In the latter case, the process is exceedingly time consuming with the end result usually being a deep understanding of the methodology applied to that one instance, but an unwillingness to reinvest that amount of effort for each new problem encountered. The
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0 Preface to DP - Preface to Dynamic Programming The...

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