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DP Topics Outline - language syntax These algorithms are...

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DP Topics Outline Reference Texts for Dynamic Programming: Nemhauser (out of print): Introduction to Dynamic Programming Denardo: Dynamic Programming: Models and Applications Dreyfus and Law: The Art of Dynamic Programming Computer Software Support for DP: There are 2 MOR systems (developed by Professors Deuermeyer and Curry) that you might find useful for this portion of the course. These are: MOR/DP - discrete dynamic programming MOR/ML - math language for algorithm development The MOR/ML system was developed specifically for expressing optimization and numerical algorithm and experimentation with these methods. Some use of MOR/DP and MOR/ML would be very beneficial for this course. Most of the algorithms that are covered in this section will be presented in the MOR/DP
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Unformatted text preview: language syntax. These algorithms are coded in this language and can be executed. You will be expected to learn this language to a limited extent and to program homework problems in the language. When lecturing I will given the general mathematical notation and then how we mimic this in the MOR/DP language. Once this process becomes familiar, the syntax of MOR/DP will probably be used in the lectures to facilitate your use of this support package. DP Topics Outline: The following list is the set of DP topics that I plan to be covered as time permits. Introduction to the dynamic programming approach MOR/DP software Changing production levels Production with capacity restrictions Stochastic production Nonserial DP Sequencing Multiple constraints generating multiple states...
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