Syllabus_ Spring_ 2010

Syllabus Spring_ - INEN 314 STATISTICAL CONTROL OF QUALITY SPRING 2010 INSTRUCTOR TA LECTURE LAB Don T Phillips 242D Zachry 845-5476 [email protected]

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TATISTICAL C ONTROL OF Q UALITY S PRING , 2010 I NSTRUCTOR : Don T. Phillips, 242D Zachry, 845-5476; [email protected] TA: Ms. . Samyukta Sethuraman L ECTURE : MW 10:20 am – 11:10 pm, Zachry 203 L AB : 501 – M 4:10 – 6:20 PM , Zachry 301 502 - W 4:10 – 6:20pm, Zachry 203 P ROF . O FFICE H OURS : Tue Thurs & Fri 8:30 am – 11:30 am TA O FFICE H OURS : TBD T EXT : Introduction to Statistical Quality Control , 6 th Edition, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 2005. Douglas C. Montgomery C OURSE O BJECTIVE : Introduce basic statistical techniques for improving quality in both production and service systems The focus will be on manufacturing, although most of the techniques may be applied to other industries, i.e., financial, medical, service, etc. The widespread use of quality assurance methods in the U.S. and abroad is one of the primary reasons for the phenomenal growth of the Japanese manufacturing sector and the resurgence of quality in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Consumer quality has become a major issue between the late 1990s and the current date due to national and international competitive forces. This course will review the basic concepts of probability and statistics, statistical data analysis, continuous and discrete probability distributions and statistical inference. The design and use of control charts to statistically monitor and diagnose process quality, quality measures, acceptance sampling, and specialized control chart procedures will build upon this statistical foundation. . The concepts of Total Quality Management, Malcolm Baldridge Award, Quality Certification and process capability will also be discussed. Software will be supplied on the ISEN file server (Minitab / EXCEL). G RADES : The final grade earned in this class will be determined as follows: Quiz 1 100 points Quiz 2 100 points Final Exam 100 points There will be approximately 10 laboratory exercises. Each lab exercise will be worth 20-25 points apiece. The total points which can be accumulated (TP) will be used to normalize total points earned (TPE) as follows. Lab Grade = The two quizzes, final examination and the normalized lab grade will be averaged (AG) and final grades will be assigned as follows. There will be no curving of grades. Class attendance will be noted and could influence grades. Average Grade
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2010 for the course ISEN 314 taught by Professor M during the Spring '10 term at Texas A&M.

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Syllabus Spring_ - INEN 314 STATISTICAL CONTROL OF QUALITY SPRING 2010 INSTRUCTOR TA LECTURE LAB Don T Phillips 242D Zachry 845-5476 [email protected]

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