610 n sequence p 590 bounded above bounded below

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Unformatted text preview: ER HIGHLIGHTS 10.1 The Least Upper Bound Axiom for each α > 0, lim upper bound, bounded above, least upper bound (p. 585) least upper bound axiom (p. 586) lower bound, bounded below, greatest lower bound (p. 587) 10.2 Sequences of Real Numbers 1 =0 nα n x for each real x, lim =0 n→∞ n! ln n lim =0 lim n1/n = 1 n→∞ n n→∞ xn for each real x, lim 1 − = ex n→∞ n Cauchy sequence (p. 610) n→∞ sequence (p. 590) bounded above, bounded below, bounded (p. 591) increasing, nondecreasing, decreasing, nonincreasing (p. 591) recurrence relation (p. 594) It is sometimes possible to obtain useful information about a sequence yn = f (n) by applying the techniques of calculus to the function y = f (x). 10.3 Limit of a Sequence 10.5 The Indeterminate Form (0/0) L Hopital’s rule (0/0) (p. 611) ’ˆ Cauchy me...
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