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HW1 - ECE 2904 HW 1 Due 1 The manufacturer of a 6 V battery...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 2904 HW 1 ' Due: 09/01/10 1. The manufacturer of a 6 V battery says that the battery can deliver 15 mA for 60 continuous hours. During this time the voltage drops from 6V to 4 V. It is assumed that the drop in voltage is linear with time (that is: v m at + b such that ' att == 0, 1m 6 V and at t m 60x3600 s, v = 4 V). Calculate the amount of energy that the battery delivers in this 60 h interval. 2. The voltage and current at the terminals of a circuit element are zero for r < 0 . For t > Othey are: v=(10‘r+5)e"4°°’ V i m (40: + casket A (a) At what instant of time is the power being delivered to the circuit element maximum? ('0) Find the maximum power in watts. (e) Calculate the total energy delivered to the element in millijoules. '3. Inthe circuit showninFig. 1, i1 £20 A and 1?2 =15 A (a) Calculate the power supplied by each voltage source. (b) Show that the total power supplied is equal to the total power dissipated in the resistors; Fig. 1 4. In the circuit shown in Fig. 2,1}, m 4 A and z}, z: 2 A. (a) Find is . (b) Calculate the power in each resistor. (c) Find vg. Fig. 2 5. _ The variable resistor R in the circuit in Fig. 3 is adjusted until in equals 1 A. Find the value of R. 12.0 6. Problem 1.35 in the textbook. 7. Problem 2.14 in the textbook. 8. Problem 2.15 in the textbook. ...
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