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Fundamentals of NS_study guide

Human Anatomy and Physiology with Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite, 8th Edition

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Pinkerton Biology 141 Fundamentals of the Nervous System Name ___________________________ 1. Explain the overall organization of the Nervous System. What structures make up the CNS? What structures make up the PNS? 2. Describe the major types of neuroglial cells. What is the location and function of each? 3. How are neurons classified structurally and functionally? What is the most common type of neuron? 4. Define – nucleus, ganglion, tract, nerve 5. Identify the parts and organelles of a neuron, including any specialized terms. What is significant about the axon hillock? 6. What is myelin? What cells make myelin in the CNS? What cells make myelin in the PNS? How is the structure of myelin different in the CNS than in the PNS? What is salutatory conduction? How does that affect nerve conduction? 7. Draw and label a representative diagram of an Action Potential, including appropriate voltages. What ions are involved? Describe the movement of these ions during depolarization, repolarization, and hyperpolarization. How is the resting membrane potential restored?
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