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BlackFly_Marketing_Plan_2010 d

BlackFly_Marketing_Plan_2010 d - Situational Analysis...

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Situational Analysis Spiked Bite’ will be a packaged beverage in shot cups with a lid; featuring a plastic twisting mechanism to remove Jell-O shots from the cup. Spike Bite’s sturdy lids that can be stacked. Additionally, these shot cups are recyclable, dishwasher safe, and reusable. Spiked Bite will be positioned as the only ready-to-drink Jell-O alcoholic product available on the market. The beverage will have premium vodka and tequila with enhanced Jell-O fruit flavors (passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple). It will bring an entirely unique drinking experience to its consumers. It will present itself as a funky and unusual alternative to traditional shots while providing the great taste of authentic fruit juice in an attractive and convenient packaging. The strategic role of Spiked Bite for Black Fly Beverage Company is centered around three objectives: • To become the forefront as the market leader in innovative product introductions and successful product launches; • To strengthen and satisfy the needs of the more adventurous Generation Y consumers with a new eye-catching and FUN products; • To become the market leader in the ready-to-drink segment with increased market share SWOT Analysis Strengths Black Fly Beverage Company attained a highly regarded license to produce and sell Black Fly products. These licenses are extremely hard to receive. Making it easy to introduce new products. 1
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Strong existing distribution channels - Black Fly Beverage Company’s relationship built with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) enabled allowed them to have fantastic extensive shelf space in to be very which aids them to have customer visualizations in stores. Results of operations - Every bottle is made with PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate). By using PET plastic, Black Fly has created a bottle which is non breakable and recyclable, this is important in today’s environmentally conscious market. Successfully entered new markets in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta and most recently, the Yukon Territories with varying degrees of success. Weaknesses Black Fly’s inability to focus on the needs of their specific target market and develop a specific company message to relay to them. Another weakness for Black Fly involves the management team having limited time management skills. Finding the balance between a new business and family is difficult yet clearly very important to both Cathy and Rob. As the company grows, they will need to find a different method of marketing in order to find that balance. Currently Black Fly’s website is not a big hit because their no motivation for the public reason to visit their website which results in minimal and thus leaves little room for interaction with their customer bases.
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