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BIOL 1209 WA3 Materials and Methods

BIOL 1209 WA3 Materials and Methods - 4 Place parafilm over...

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Michael Miller Biology 1209 Section 6 22 April 2008 Materials and Methods Materials: 10 culture tubes/rack (9 test tubes, 1 blank tube) 1 ml (per tube) of Chlamydomonas 4 ml (per tube) of mixture media (mix of nitrates, phosphates, and trace metals) 2, 2 ml pipettes Parafilm strips 1 30° C incubator 1 refrigerator set at 4° C 1 spectrophotometer Methods: 1.) Label test tubes (3 tubes for each set of solutions, 1 practice tube) 2.) Pipette 1 ml of Chlamydomonas into labeled test tubes. 3.) Pipette 4 ml of mixture media into labeled test tubes
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Unformatted text preview: 4.) Place parafilm over each test tube and slightly shake each tube to mix its contents. 5.) Place each set of 3 tubes into their correct environments (4° C, 30° C, and control group) 6.) Leave test tubes undisturbed for a period of seven days and record each tube’s absorbance after the seven day waiting period. 7.) Repeat seven day absorbance process for a total of 21 days, and record all data....
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