BIOL WA3 Conclusion

BIOL WA3 Conclusion - membrane permeability Another step that could be added to this experiment would be to find out the charges of the molecules

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Michael Miller Biology 1208 Section 19 11-27-07 Conclusion Prior to the experiment, my prediction was that large heavy glycols would take longer to undergo hemolysis versus smaller, lighter glycols. My prediction turned out to be correct, and I therefore accept my alternative hypothesis. There was not much difference in the three trial runs for each solution, so I believe that my results are reliable and accurate. These results clearly agree with the fact that larger molecules are more impermeable to cell membranes than smaller ones. The results of the three glycols hemolysis times were all very linear in proportion to one another, and showed no immediate increase in time due to the weight of the glycol. This basically tells us that most particles of the same family will show similar results in relation to
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Unformatted text preview: membrane permeability. Another step that could be added to this experiment would be to find out the charges of the molecules being tested, and determine if their electronegativity has any effect on hemolysis time. This could further enhance our understanding of the factors that determine membrane permeability, and could also disprove my hypothesis that just because a molecule is smaller it will pass through a cell membrane faster than a larger solution. Another experiment that could be conducted to further support my results would be to take the same glycols with the same concentrations as my experiment, and test their hemolysis time with a different type of blood cell....
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