Eng 2000 Article - Gene Therapy for Diseases

Eng 2000 Article - Gene Therapy for Diseases - Gene Therapy...

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Gene Therapy for Diseases http://www.asgt.org/about_gene_therapy/diseases.php Gene Therapy has made important medical advances in less than two decades. Within this short time span, it has moved from the conceptual stage to technology development and laboratory research to clinical translational trials for a variety of deadly diseases. Among the most notable advancements are the following: Gene Therapy for Genetic Disorders Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (ADA-SCID) ADA-SCID is also known as the bubble boy disease. Affected children are born without an effective immune system and will succumb to infections outside of the bubble without bone marrow transplantation from matched donors. A landmark study representing a first case of gene therapy "cure," or at least a long-term correction, for patients with deadly genetic disorder was conducted by investigators in Italy. The therapeutic gene called ADA was introduced into the bone marrow cells of such patients in the laboratory, followed by transplantation of the genetically corrected cells back to the same patients. The immune system was
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