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Eng 2000 Gene Therapy Argument - Miller 1 Michael Miller...

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Miller 1 Michael Miller English 2000 30 April 2008 Gene Therapy Gene therapy is a medical procedure in which an absent or defective gene is replaced by a correct, working gene, which in turn cures an illness (Hogarth). While this process is easier said than done, it does provide us with a cure for diseases that were once known to be incurable. However, since certain aspects of gene therapy are still being studied and improved, gene therapy is not currently a “go to” type of medical procedure for curing modern diseases (Biotechnology). Nonetheless, scientists and doctors alike are on the verge of discovering new safe, cost-efficient ways to make gene therapy a common medical procedure. In the past two decades, gene therapy has made much progress from its humble beginnings in the 1970s. Since then, numerous discoveries in the field of gene therapy have been made regarding the treatment of lethal diseases. Some of these diseases, such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and muscular dystrophy are habitually viral or nerve related and not easily cured. With the use of gene therapy, these diseases and many more could be cured by simply replacing an infected patient’s defective genes with healthy genes. Gene therapy could also eliminate the painful, time consuming treatments that most patients have to deal with in response to life threatening diseases. With gene therapy these long term treatments will be eliminated, and replaced by one single surgery (Hogarth). One major misconception about gene therapy is that it involves the same techniques in acquiring human genes as stem cell research does. Gene therapy on the other hand does not entail acquiring genes from living human fetuses as stem cell research does (American Society).
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Miller 2 In fact, genes used in gene therapy are actually manmade cloned cells which are identical to the
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Eng 2000 Gene Therapy Argument - Miller 1 Michael Miller...

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