ENGL 2025 Essay 1 Guidelines

ENGL 2025 Essay 1 Guidelines - ENGL 2025.01 (Summer 2008)...

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ENGL 2025.01 (Summer 2008) Instructor: J. Long Paper #1: Analyzing Narration Assignment: This paper asks you to analyze a passage from the list included on the next page. Your analysis should address two basic areas: (1) providing a close reading of your chosen passage’s narration by explaining (with detailed examples) its significance—in other words, what is crucial about the textual information contained in this specific passage; and (2) explaining the relationship of this passage to the text’s narrative structure by placing it within the context of the topics, ideas, questions, oppositions, and other such elements that orient the larger work. Use the spectrum discussed in class to connect the passage’s narration with the text’s narrative structure. Possible questions to consider include: How is the text’s narration trying to “place” you? What is the relationship between the narrator, narratee, and implied reader? What are specific words, phrases, or concepts in the passage that seem important? Is there a degree of ambiguity or innuendo attached to them? What does the passage suggest about the text’s assumptions or implications? How does the cited passage relate to the entire work from which it is taken, and why is it crucial? What does the passage’s narration reveal that helps to open up the significance (or intentions) of the larger work? In your paper, make sure you avoid just summarizing the events—or rather, plot—of the text. The focus should be on your analysis, not on merely recounting what happens in the story. Make the paper approximately 4 pages in length. Remember that you must acknowledge any outside sources (including internet sites) you consult for information regarding your paper. Use either MLA or Chicago documentation style. Also, make sure you understand what constitutes plagiarism. Due Dates and Submission Instructions: The paper is due on Tuesday, June 24. You must give me a hard copy of your final draft. No late essays will be accepted. Format Guidelines: Your paper must be formatted according to the following specifications: typed, double- spaced, 1-inch margins, numbered pages, and in a readable 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman or Garamond). Your paper
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ENGL 2025 Essay 1 Guidelines - ENGL 2025.01 (Summer 2008)...

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