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Religion 1005 -- Test 3 Study Questions

Religion 1005 -- Test 3 Study Questions - 1 W hat problems...

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1 What problems attend scholars who want to use Acts as a resource for understanding early Christianity? Give an example of one way in which Acts seems to prove reliable and another example of a way in which the reliability of Acts has been questioned. The book is written some 20 years after the events in the book actually took place. The book also represents Luke’s view of theology, and although it is most likely based on facts, may contain biases shared by the author. Luke tends to focus primarily on success, growth of church, victories, etc.. and less on missions that fail. Paul’s depiction in Acts also differs in some aspects from Paul’s own letters. 2 What implications does the author of Acts draw from his belief that historical events have all been predetermined? How does this belief affect his theological understanding of God, of scripture, and of what faithful people can or should expect of God?
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