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Mehran Sahami Handout #7 CS 106A September 22, 2010 Assignment #1: Email and Karel the Robot Karel problems due: 3:15pm on Friday, October 1st Email due: 11:59pm on Sunday, October 3rd Based on a handout by Eric Roberts Part I—Email Email is really the preferred communications medium in CS106A. We will expect you to read your mail regularly through the quarter and encourage you to use email to communicate with the course staff. Although many of you probably do so much more often (and I do mean much, much more often), you should be sure to check your mailbox at least once every two days. You should also make sure to get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, but that’s not important right now. You will find this part of the assignment should only take you about a few minutes! Using any electronic mail program that you like (for example, GMail, Hotmail, or Microsoft Outlook), send a message to me ( sahami@cs.stanford.edu ), the head TA Chris Piech ( piech@cs.stanford.edu ), and your section leader. Note that you won't know your section leader's email address until after your first section, which is why we don't make this part of the assignment due until Sunday. The message should include answers to the questions below. Note : Note that none of the items in your email to us are binding (i.e., you can always change which platform you work on). The point of this assignment is just for us to learn a little more about you. Questions to answer in your email to us: General information and computing background: 1. What is your name? 2. What year are you? (Frosh, Soph., Junior, Senior, Graduate, Other) 3. What is your major/area of study ("unknown" is a fine answer too)? 4. Preferred type of computer (Mac, PC, Linux, other, no preference)? 5. Gender (Male, Female)? 6. Why are you taking CS106A? Fun Stuff: This final section is just for us to have something to remember you by. Don’t spend a lot of time here, just give us some semi-interesting answers. 1. What do you do for fun? 2. Tell a quick anecdote about something that you feel makes you unique. .. a talent, experience, anything.
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– 2 – Part II—The REAL Assignment: Karel problems (due 3:15pm on Friday, Oct. 1st) The real problem solving portion of this assignment consists of four Karel programs.
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07-assignment-1 - Mehran Sahami CS 106A Handout#7...

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