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Mehran Sahami Handout #8 CS 106A September 22, 2010 Submitting Work Based on a handout by Eric Roberts This handout provides a little more background on submitting work. First of all, remember that each assignment requires two submissions: an electronic component submitted through Eclipse and a hardcopy component submitted in class. Whether an assignment is submitted on time is determined by the electronic submission, which is timestamped in the submission process. That time is based on the time on the server that receives the assignment, so it pays to submit things with a few minutes to spare, particularly if you discover that your computer’s clock is running slow. The hardcopy piece should be submitted in class on the due date for the assignment, and must match the electronic submission. It is not appropriate, for example, to submit an uncommented rough draft early and then hand in a beautifully commented listing for your hardcopy. Submitting the electronic component The Stanford version of Eclipse makes submission a relatively painless process. All you need to do is select the
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08-submitting-work - Mehran Sahami CS 106A Handout #8...

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