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Final 2005 - F inal Examination Chemistry 302X-302A 2005...

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Final Examination, Chemistry 302X-302A, 2005 This Final Examination is different in very few respects from the hour exams with which you are all too familiar. However, there is substantial choice. There is a total of 10 questions, but PLEASE do not do all the questions. ANSWER ONLY EIGHT (8) QUESTIONS, AS DIRECTED Question 1 is worth 9 points; all others are 13 points Should you ignore these instructions we will grade all the questions you answer and take an appropriate fraction of the score. We will not, repeat not, take the best nor will we be responsive to pleas that we should ignore some feeble answer because you did not mean to have it graded. The price of choice is that you must be careful and clear about what you want graded and what you want ignored. This exam is designed to take 2 hours, but you may have the full examination period of 3.5 hours. At the start it is almost certainly worth some time to look over the whole exam, to sort the easy from the more challenging and the familiar from the strange. Do the easy questions first. THINK "SIMPLE." Please be sure to fill out the two evaluation forms. PLEASE: 1. Fill out the evaluation forms. 2. Put “X” or “A” on the cover. 3. Show on the cover which questions are NOT to be graded (PLEASE DO THIS!). 4. Sign the pledge, which reads: "I pledge that I have not violated the honour code on this examination.” “An answer is always a form of death.” John Fowles, “The Magus”
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YOU MUST DO QUESTION 1 1. Answer the following three questions:
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