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LEB Briefing Schedule.F07 - Chapter 24 Environmental Law...

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Legal Environment of Business Briefing Assignments Fall 2007 Each student will brief two cases for discussion during three class periods (total of six briefs during the semester). Briefs are a short written summary of a case. They describe the essence of a case: 1) the parties, 2) the court, 3) the issues presented for resolution, 4) the resolution, 5) the reasoning of the court. Briefs should never be more than one page long. To see an example of the full text of a case and the resulting brief, see Document Number 4 under "Course Materials" on Blackboard. I will select two cases from each chapter and post the full text of the two cases on Blackboard. Those students responsible for briefing cases for that class period will brief the two cases and send me the brief by e- mail by midnight the night before the class. To see a list of which three class periods for which you will be responsible, see the below chart. . Last Name Begins With: 09/13 C-E Chapter 7 Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes 09/18 F-H
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 24 Environmental Law 09/20 I-M Chapter 23 Consumer Protection 09/25 Exam 09/27 N-R Chapter 25 Land Use Control and Real Property 10/02 S Chapter 9 Contract Formation 10/04 T-Z Chapter 10 Contract Performance, Breach and Remedies 10/09 A-B Chapter 20 Employment Relationships 10/11 C-E Chapter 21 Employment Discrimination 10/16 Holiday 10/18 F-H Chapter 14 Intellectual Property and Internet Law 10/23 Exam 10/25 I-M Chapter 12 Torts 10/30 N-R Chapter 13 Strict Liability and Product Liability 11/01 S Chapter 19 Agency 11/06 T-Z Chapter 16 Sole Proprietorships, Franchises and Partnerships 11/08 A-B Chapter 18 Corporations 11/13 C-E Chapter 17 Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships 11/15 Exam 11/20 F-H Chapter 15 Creditor-Debtor Relations, Bankruptcy 11/22 Thanksgiving Holidays 11/27 I-M Chapter 22 Labor Law 11/29 N-R Chapter 4 Ethics and Business Decision Making 12/04 S & T-Z Chapter 11 Sales, Leases and E-Contracts 12/06 A-B Chapter 28 Investor Protection and Corporate Governance...
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LEB Briefing Schedule.F07 - Chapter 24 Environmental Law...

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