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If an experiment works, something has gone wrong. Birzeit University Physics Department Physics 112 Experiment No.8 Resonance Student’s Name: Qasim Salhab Student’s No.: 1041078 Section: (2-5)T Date: 12/12/2005 Instructor: Dr. Jamal Suliman Abstract:
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1)The aim of the experiment is to find the resonance frequency and the quality factor. 2)The method used is by measuring the voltage as a function of frequency, and using it to plot the current as a function of the frequency. 3)The main results are Theory: In the circuit shown in figure 1, the current passing through the circuit is given by: 2 2 0 0 ) ωC 1 L R V I - + = It is obvious that I 0 assumes a maximum when t L = 1 / t C, and so LC 1 ω = , which equals the natural angular frequency. In other words, the current in the circuit assumes its maximum value when the driving voltage frequency equals the natural frequency of the RLC circuit. This phenomenon is called resonance.
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Experiment8.qasim - Ifanexperimentworks, Birzeit University...

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