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If an experiment works, something has gone wrong. Birzeit University Physics Department Physics 112 Experiment No.6 DAMPED OSCILLATIONS Student’s Name: Ammar T. Ammar Student’s No.: 1040385 Section: 7 Date: 16/4/2005 Instructor: Dr. Ziyad Izzat 2005 Copy left reversed Abstract:
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The aim of the experiment: is to study the phenomenon of damping in a RCL circuit, and determine t 1/2 of the damped oscillation, critical, over damping for an RLC circuit and the constant of decay, using the CRO connected to that circuit. Another aim is to distinguish between the three types of damping, The method used: by using the oscilloscope connected to the RLC circuit, to see how the potential difference changes as a function of time. Main results: Theory: The phenomenon of damped oscillations can be regarded as the equivalent of energy loss due to the frictional force in mechanics. The charge on the capacitor in the circuit given in figure1 is given by the equation t λ 2 t λ 1 e A e A Q(t) - + + = , where A
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Experiment6 - Ifanexperimentworks, Birzeit University...

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