Impacts vs the rock cycle

Impacts vs the rock cycle - 1 All the stony planets(Mercury...

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1. All the stony planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars) show scars of huge meteorite impacts. Deposits of Ir, Pt, and shocked quartz record a major hit on Earth at 65 Ma. 2. On the Earth most of these scars have vanished, because it is constantly resurfaced by geologic processes. Faults and volcanoes build mountains, landslides and erosion cut them down. 3. All of the Earth's surface is also moving horizontally: earthquakes show sudden jumps, and geodesy reveals steady creep. 4. Most change occurs in sudden "catastrophes" (impacts, earthquakes, eruptions, floods, mudslides, dust storms). But to the eye of the trained geologist, these events are predictable parts of steady cyclic processes. 5. This course will begin with the grand cycle of plate tectonics, which has replaced the floors of the oceans at least 30 times over. 6. We will then follow the "rock cycle:" magma rises and cools to form igneous rock; this is weathered to form soil; this is eroded to form sediment; this is moved to basins and deposited as sedimentary rock; this is carried into plate boundaries and metamorphosed, and sometimes melted to form magma again.
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1 c:\work\classes\ess1\rock_cyc.doc IMPACTS vs. THE ROCK CYCLE COURSE INTRODUCTION Welcome to a fun and mind-stretching course, like the one that warped my whole career! This course is also known as "physical geology," and will emphasize
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Impacts vs the rock cycle - 1 All the stony planets(Mercury...

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