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Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - Corey Cohen Lawrence Problem Set#2 Problem...

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Corey Cohen Lawrence 10/20/08 Problem Set #2 Problem Set #2 1. a. They tried to make the attitudes toward the USSR into a hierarchy where they assessed whether or not the people agreed with certain policies. This allowed the opinions to be placed in certain categories. They would be compared to actual policy implementation to determine the effectiveness that public opinion had on these policies. Another method included questioning policy leaders on these issues at different times in history. b. The basic research design is in the form of surveys, and analysis of the results. c . Problems with the research design include the citation of opinion leaders in the United States. Their opinions only reflect those that are well informed which makes for a biased study. 2. You can assess measurement validity using content validity and predictive validity by estimating what the results would likely be. For instance, countries like Sweden and The United States should come on top when it comes to civil liberties and political rights.
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