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Problem Set Tres

Problem Set Tres - III Sumof(Days*prob)=3 Sumof(prob)=1.05...

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Corey Cohen Lawrence Assignment 3 11/16/08 1. Descriptive Statistics a. 99.2-Mean, 98.5-Median, b. 99.2 c. 98.5 d. It decreases in both circumstances. The n is increased in the denominator which makes the top divisible by a larger number. When that happens the outcome is smaller. The outcome is the standard deviation that is squared. e. You cannot increase the standard deviation in the data by adding an observation. II . 0.975 * (1-0.04) = 93.6% Chance that person identified is actually a terrorist.
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Unformatted text preview: III. Sumof(Days*prob)=3 Sumof(prob)=1.05 Expected value=3/1.05 =2 . 85714 IV . No. She needs a 166.449 (~166) to be in the 95 th percentile, her score puts her in the 93.1843% percentile. If her friend had a percentile score of 83.1843, her score comes to approximately 160. V . a) Sample mean=76 1.96(S x /sqrt(529))=2 S x = 23.4694 SE x =23.4694/sqrt(529) = 1.02041 b) Z 0.2/2 =1.15 76 +/- 1.15(23.4694/sqrt(529)) = [72.4219, 74.271]...
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