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Intro to Acting - know, and confirm the one that people are...

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Tempo Rhythm Homework 1. My concentration is positively affected by the simple actions I’ve created. In the performing of a bug I am able to focus on my action, without having to worry about dialogue or anything like that. This really allows me to have more self- awareness on the stage and emphasizes the importance of each individual action forming a coherent theme. 2. It is imperative to make strong choices with my simple actions because the actions themselves have the capacity to speak volumes about my character. As an aphid it is known that my meanderings on the stage will be slightly awkward and a bit on the slower side…if I do anything to mess up that rhythm it will ruin the performance. Of course not everyone will even know what an aphid is or how it behaves. But it is my job to push the right image onto people’s minds who don’t
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Unformatted text preview: know, and confirm the one that people are familiar with. 3. I placed the aphid in the summer phase in which it was fully grown and ready for sexual reproduction. In this instance it was capable of flying with high jet streams, although it did not do so because the urge to migrate was not there. I was a fully independent male foraging for food. 4. At first I would get on my hands and knees with my hands over my head like antennas. I started upstage, looking towards the audience. Then I’d progress downstage a bit as I foraged for food. Typically I remain in the center of the stage although at a certain part I moved out in order to emphasize the often randomness of an aphid’s physical actions. I moved relatively slowly and awkwardly in order to emphasize these things....
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