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chap 5 and 6 - Chapter 5 and 6 Homework Exercise 5.4...

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Chapter 5 and 6 Homework Exercise 5.4 – OBSERVATION NOTEBOOK – Ø A. Using your everyday life circumstances, determine how the details of your life can mesh into what you have developed with respect to your Historical Character. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS for the exercise. I noticed that my friend Michael Samuels eats with his mouth open today. I think this does a good job of reflecting the kind of guy he is. He’s very spontaneous and a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning up. Another observation that reflects a character trait is when I saw a woman on the metro vigorously typing on her blackberry. With her demeanor and the attire she wore it could be seen that she was impatient, and considered herself to be a bit self- important. For Billy Mayes I noticed that he is extremely well groomed. One should not be fooled by the thick beard. It must get trimmed on the regular because it is well kempt. I also noticed on Youtube that his fingers were perfectly manicured. The same goes for the tuck of his shirt. He epitomizes a clean-cut guy that is approachable and that people would not mind listening to. His outer appearance makes it apparent that he is not only selling a product but also himself. If people do not accept him they will not accept the product he is pitching. I am of the belief that Billy Mayes was a bit of a slacker in his earlier years because he attended
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Chapter 5 and 6 Homework West Virginia University before dropping out and working for his father. He would then drop out of that before working sales in Atlantic City. He is an entrepreneurial spirit and a go-getter, and he chose not to conform because his personality does not fit the regular mold. He is outspoken and fearless. Also I think he is a bit of an accidental celebrity, and he is okay with the occasional self-deprecating joke. He does not mind having good laugh at his own expense, especially when it comes to the fact that he was once divorced. But I also think he has a bit of underlying issues that he keeps only to himself. His alleged drug use before he died points to this fact, because cocaine abuse at that age when hardly anyone knows about it is certainly a
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chap 5 and 6 - Chapter 5 and 6 Homework Exercise 5.4...

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